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Cult of the Minkynessa

Followers of the Great One

Mindy is the Best!
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This is a little community dedicated to the Queen of the Universe herself: Mindy.

Here you can post pictures of her, pictures you've drawn of her, or just randomly comment on her ultimate greatness(Whether it be in the form of poetry, fanfiction, etc...).

You may also leave offerings of yaoi, shonen/shouji ai, or random cute things you think she may like(quotes, pictures, fanfics, etc...) To stay in the community, at least one offering ever 3 weeks is required, unless granted special permission by myself. > : )

Who knows, maybe she'll even reward you if her interest is stirred. : )

: P If you have any problems or anything, too, she'll attempt to give ya some advice on it. It'll probably be useless, but hey, this may as well serve *some* almost useful purpose : D

Um...I mean...PRAISE MINDY! XD! W00t!